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chapter 1: why sartorial rebels ?

"clothes are a visiting card of our personality."


With over twenty years experience in the tailoring industry and having previously worked as a TV and movie costumier for the renowned Angels, I launched my menswear label Sartorial Rebels in 2008. Having spent the first 12 years refining my tailoring skills and gaining invaluable experience running my tailoring business, I felt the time was right to launch SR.

My journey started in the early 1990's, studying bespoke tailoring at the London college of fashion,whilst learning the many facets of creating a bespoke tailored garments I quickly realised that cut, fit, and structure were of paramount importance, though one thing that tailoring lacked was a design process. "tailors are quite rigid in the design field."

Born to Italian parents and spending many years in Italy two things always stood out to me about Italians, our love for all aspects of design and of course being very emotional, "they go hand in hand."

Over the years I have learned to combine the fundamental elements of classic English tailoring with the styling of Italian design. A fusion of the two is very much what Sartorial Rebels is all about.

"a suit is full of emotion",

strange, not really !

The suit unlike any other garment, it is worn for many different occasions, a job interview, an important presentation, a marriage, mourning a death, all of these are emotion based situations and should be dressed accordingly.

At Sartorial Rebels our belief is this " Your suit should enhance your character and at times create a whole new one".

It's all about the money, money, money

A made to measure suit is regarded by many as a luxury item, and as with most luxury items the price attached to it is relatively high. At Sartorial Rebels we strongly believe that our suits are not restricted to bankers, lawyers, business man and celebrities, or only purchased for a special occasion like your wedding.

Sartorial Rebels offers the most cost effective, English made to measure suits around. "Whats the catch", we hear you say, believe us there isn't one, we just do not have the heavy burden of London rental prices and the extortionate overheads many tailors in London have to endure, this being the primary reason our garments are priced accordingly.

Quality of garments and quantity of sales to Sartorial Rebels, go hand in hand, " better to have one hundred gentleman wearing your suits and being seen in them than ten."

Example: made to measure 2 piece suit with Loro Piana Tasmanian range cloth

Retail price £1700.00

Sartorial Rebels price £899.00

Sartorial Rebels offers the most

cost effective suits.

What'the catch ?

There isn't one

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