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chapter 3: the process

All Sartorial Rebels consultations are undertaken by our master tailor.

the consultation

"LOOK GOOD FEEL GOOD" so the saying goes. Well at Sartorial Rebels we take that saying to heart. Our consultation process is more than just choosing a style and cloth. Relax and enjoy a coffee or indulge a drink from our in house complimentary bar and allow us to ease you into the process of creating your perfect made to measure garment.

Whether it is a business suit, wedding suit, blazer, or trousers, the instance you commence your consultation you will realise the numerous options and cloths available in creating your perfect garment. Yes, it can almost feel daunting, but with the help of our master tailor, and his years of knowledge and experience he shall quickly put your mind at ease.

Our initial consultation will take into account numerous facets: build, skin tone, occasion, and time of year all have a bearing on the style and fabric the garment should be.

Once the style, fabric and construction method has been decided our master tailor we will take your full body measurements, the exact same procedure that has been used for hundreds of years by bespoke tailors. From this point moving forward your suit can take anything between 6 to 12 weeks. For further information on style and structure please go to the suit.

TIME! In the modern world it feels like we just don't have enough of it, to do all the things we need to do.

Well, for this reason at Sartorial Rebels we make it our duty to present you with your finished garment within 5 weeks.

This is not always possible, fabric out of stock, is the most common cause for delays, but if you are on a tight timescale,and with thousands of fabrics available, we are almost certain that this, should never happen.


Whether your 5 foot 2 inches or 6 foot 8 inches, under nine stone or over twenty stone at Sartorial Rebels we pride ourselves on fit, hence making sure your garment fits you perfectly.

With this said we have three possible making options available.

Please read below for in depth explanation.

Make Through

Option 1

Time scale: 5 weeks.

From the moment your suit has been processed, normally the day after your consultation your garment will return back for your final fitting within 5 weeks. Your final fitting is to ensure yor suit is fitting perfectly.

If there are any minor adjustments that need to be made these will be done by our highly trained in house tailors. This is usually completed within 24 hours.

Prices from £569.99

Forward Fit

Option 2

Time scale 7-8 weeks

Your suit will arrive at our studio four weeks from order, three quarters complete. The lapel facing, the collar and pockets are all in place and finished. The back lining and sleeve lining are not sewn in place. This fitting is good for minor finessing/shaping of the waist & drape and sleeve length. because the lining is not fully sewn in (back panel missing) alterations to the side seams and half back/top sleeve are reasonably accessible.

The button position can be marked at the fitting. This is a good option for a customer who demands, but does not really need, a full try-on fitting. It also allows future orders to be accurately reproduced to the same measurements or post alteration measures (subject to cloth variations). A further 3 to 4 weeks will be required before the finished garment arrives back. this is dependent on the amount of alterations needed and the need for more cloth.

Skeleton Fitting

Option 3

Time scale 8-10 weeks

Also known as Skeleton fitting, Pocket Baste fitting, Tailors fitting or Rough Baste fitting. The garment will normally arrive at ours four weeks from order, at this point will will arrange an appointment for you to have your fitting, where will pin or mark the garment,take down any notes that we will need,and send the garment back .

Once sent back it is completely pulled apart to one dimension and re-cut by our skilled tailors before being re-presented to the sewing line. The sleeve seams are basted in. It has slits to mark the pocket positions and cotton tags to mark the suggested button positions. The collar melton is attached with a temporary zig zag stitch. There is no lining, lapel facing or buttons/holes.

This fitting does allow the more difficult customer shapes to be accommodated as full re-balancing is possible in the re-cut. It is the responsibility of the tailor/retailer to keep a record of the re-cut instructions for use on future orders. Within four to five weeks of the suit arriving at out tailors, we will receive the garment finished ready for your final fitting.

Sartorial Rebels 2 piece suit from £569.99

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