Sartorial Rebels

Bespoke Tailor

chapter 2: our store

Victorian Splendour

More than a tailors shop, Sartorial Rebels has the ambiance of a gentlemans lounge

Sitauted in the heart of Watford, Hertfordshire since 1996, Sartorial Rebels has been making bespoke and made to measure garments for both ladies and gentlemen.

During this period our store has had several facelifts, with the latest only being completed in November 2019. After several months of intense research, and several storyboards, we finally decided on Victorain Splendour.

You may ask what is Victorian Splendour?

It is of crossover of too very different periods, our dark grey walls, wall panelling and wallpaper creates a dark, somber feel, uplifted with its accent pieces of gold picture frames with replica art works, chesterfield sofa and grandious chandlier, creating an air of opulance. The final twist to the overall look of our store is the complimentary bar,

with a variety of spirits and and carefully selected whisky from around the world.

The bar is available to all our clients whether you are having a consulation, have come into have a look at some cloth books, popped in for some fashion advice, or to just say hello.

The Bar

A gentlmens lounge would not be the same without being able to savour a tipple of the old finest.

Our complimentary bar, with its carefully selected whisky from around the world and quality spirits is just another part of the overal experience at Sartorial Rebels.

Some of the whisky brands avaialble at Sartorial Rebels:

Lagavulin - Dalmore - Bowmore - Aberfeldy

Arbelour - Hibiki - Yamazaki - Glenlivet - Belvenie -

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